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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Battery Kid

Sometimes I think twice about posting things. Do I really want to share that with the world? Yeah, I'm an open book here and if one person can learn from my fail, I may as well share. Even parenting Fails (Example A)

We just can't catch a break in this house. Teething, super fussy, no sleep, and now a weird rash. Poor peanut. At least it doesn't seem to be bothering her, and she doesn't have a fever.
Baby Roseola 
So without further delay, our most recent parenting fail-

Weekends I get to sleep in, Well a few weeks ago Evelyn had gotten up with Paul at about 9. At some point while he was in the bathroom she climbed onto a table and he found her with a battery, a AA battery. When he told me about it an hour or so later I mentioned that there had been two batteries there because I had just taken them out of something. We frantically searched the house and could not find the other battery. So off to the ER. The nurse came out to get us from triage and asked "is this the battery kid?" ... yep, we have the battery kid. We told our story half a dozen times, and yes we are missing a AA battery, I know how unlikely it is that she would be fine, and not have choked if she did try to swallow a AA battery, but we  could not find it, don't want to risk it. After a quick x-ray we still had no battery. But at least we knew it was not inside her.
I did end up finding the battery several hours later under some toys. So at least we don't have to worry about that anymore.
All of this after a week of her getting molars and getting a mysterious rash, that was later discovered to be Roseola. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

On The Move

Moving physically, not bloggerly- Movers are coming this week and we are headed to Sunny California after we take some much needed personal time. I've tried to set things up so you don't notice my absence, and I will try to post from the road periodically. We should be back to your regularly scheduled blogging in mid May. Until then have fun and find me on facebook and instagram and maybe even YouTube for more frequent updates!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Flashback Friday Linkup! I'm a Co Host!

This week I am co-hosting Flashback friday with these lovely ladies! Go check them out and link up! 

Your hosts:
Flashback Friday
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5. Each week, each host & cohost will pick their favorite post . It will get pinned to ourFlashBack Friday Feature board on Pinterest and featured on their blog for the next Flashback Friday.
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If you'd like to co-host, please email poekitten at

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Front Loader Washer Failure

If you have an HE- FL Washing Machine, this is the last thing you EVER want to see: 

Bought the wrong detergent. Found out the hard way. It's not supposed to look like that. Oops #notHEdetergent #shit

It's filled with suds, FILLED. 
Suds are evil in a High Efficiency washer. EVIL. 
So, I just suck. I usually make my own detergent for diapers, but with our upcoming move I didn't want to buy all the stuff to make more, just to have leftovers that we would have to move. So I decided to buy. First I bought Tide Free & Clear (powder). Totally not HE safe, didn't find that until after I opened it. A couple days later I bought Gain, because that's also supposed to be cloth diaper safe. But I bought the one that is not HE safe, and that resulted in the image above. 
After running 6 rinse and spin cycles I was ready to start over, I used the last of my home made detergent and had clean diapers again.
I brought Paul with me tonight when I bought more detergent, to be sure I didn't screw it up AGAIN. We'll see if my diapers survive another wash. 

Also if you do this, and end up with super sudsy water, you can add vinegar. I didn't find that suggestion until after 4th rinse, and by then I was nearly rinsed suds free. 

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Project 52: Week 12

Some of my favorite photos of the week. 

Spring must be super near because I have seen a lot of this little guy the last week. 
Perhaps I should name him? 
Any ideas?
I don't want to get too attached because we are moving in less than 3 weeks and this fat little guy is going to have to say hi to the other neighbors every morning. 
He did let me sneak up on him a little this week though. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Vitamin D Deficiency (or- This would have never happened in Okinawa)

I got pretty sick in January/ February, Cold, upper respiratory infection, sinus infection, all pretty much at once. I put off going to the doctor for weeks but my symptoms only got worse. Finally I caved and went in, got diagnosed and I began treatment, and after a change in medicine I started to improve. But a few weeks after I started to feel better, I started to feel bad again, I was having waves of shortness of breath, often accompanied by nausea, dizziness and the shakes, similar to how I felt when I was sick earlier. I really just wrote it off as anxiety because we are so close to moving, and we have a lot going on in the month between leaving Montana and arriving in California. Also if you know me IRL I have sort of been complaining of the winter blues for the last couple months.
Also my monthly cycle got really screwed up at first I blamed this on being sick too, but when it happened again after I was better I decided to go to the doctor because it was possible that there was something hormonal or thyroid going on. After lots of questions and blood work I was told everything was A-Okay except my Vitamin D was not only low, but really low. 30-100 is normal, below 25 is considered a deficiency, my number was in the low 20s. When I got this diagnosis I giggled a little inside, I am a sun worshiper, I love being outside in the warm sunshine. I am likely at a higher risk for melanoma because as a kid I spent almost every day of summer vacation at the pool often nursing a sunburn afterwards. Same in Okinawa, I had a nice tan year round. But here in Montana there is only 3ish months where you can go outside in shorts and a tank top. My sun exposure is easily less than a quarter what it has been most of my life. I am also missing out on the other great sources of Vitamin D; fish and fortified milk, neither of which I get much of. Fish in my area scares me, I live next to a very toxic mine, so I don't fish and almost all the ocean fish at the grocery is farmed, also I just don't do milk.
My doctor prescribed me high dosage vitamin D supplements, one a week for 8 weeks, then I need to get my levels re-tested. I am also planning, besides adding regular sunshine back into my diet, to start taking supplements, to make sure this doesn't happen again. I started my first dose last week and I have only had 3 breathing "episodes", versus the 2-3 I was having daily. I have also noticed an increase in my energy, and maybe even my mood, although I'm still bitchy because it's still cold as shit. 
I know google is not your friend when you are sick, but WebMd and a lot of other general doctor websites say there really isn't any physical symptoms associated with Vitamin D deficiency, besides muscle and bone weakness and rickets. But when I googled "vitamin d deficiency shortness of breath" I got tons of hits. If you google hard enough you will always find someone that says you are right, even if you are wrong. But I found comfort in the fact that people also had the same physical symptom that I was, and they found relief. Because honestly I was initially worried that there was no answer, or it was the anxiety and this was a symptom I would just have to learn to live with.
So I am finally back on the road to recovery. I hope for real this time, I need to get out and be more active, my weight loss has stalled and I feel like I have been stuck in a "end of winter slump" of lethargy and lazy. I really want to go outside and walk, feel the sun on my skin, but there is too much snow still on the ground for the stroller, and I don't trust myself to baby wear and walk in the snow, I'll fall and hurt us both.

I really hope this explains why I have been a little down the last few weeks/months. and I really hope things will start looking up for me again.

Has anyone else dealt with a vitamin D deficiency? How did it affect you? 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Project 52: Week 9

First signs of spring!
 (although it will still snow in Butte through April and maybe even May)

Fat little bird there in the middle. 

Snow still falling, but melts quickly off the deck. 

First fat little birds of the spring! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Moscow Mule Drink Recipe

Well Operation Empty The Pantry has commenced. And we are working our way through numerous bottles of obscure liquors on top of our staples so we don't have to move alcohol when we pack up for Cali. 

So that brings us to todays drink of the night: Moscow Mule.

I learned of this drink visiting family that lives in Moscow, Idaho. That's why the name sticks out for me, I seriously thought, every time I heard it, that the drink was named for this town. But it's not. It's named from Russia, where vodka originates from. Some bartender, trying to get vodka to be the new thing in the 40's named the drink. But it's a damn good drink, no matter what it's named after.

I learned to love the drink when I found it served at our local distillery tasting room here in Butte, Headframe Spirits. It's a yummy little tasting room in uptown Butte, Mt. They distill the alcohol in a room adjacent to the tasting room, some days you can even watch the bottling process. All of the alcohol they sell are named from headframes that were once active in Butte's rich mining history. In the tasting room they offer a small number of mixed drinks from each different alcohol. Limit is 2 drinks a day, which is a shame because I could easily spend all afternoon there if I were allowed.

The Moscow mule is traditionally served in a copper mug, at least here in Montana. "Some say it's because the ingredients react to the copper making it more tasty, some say the copper makes it colder" (-box my copper mug came in) The cup sure does make it colder, and super delicious. I strongly recommend you find one if you are going to be drinking these. 

Moscow Mule:
1 1/2 oz Vodka
juice from 1/2 a lime (about 1/2 oz)
6oz of Ginger Beer ( I like Cock 'n Bull)

add to Copper Mug filled with ice and enjoy!
You can get a copper mug here
(if you can't find a copper mug, this is also great in a rocks or highball glass)


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